Cropredy Lawn Facilities

Racehorses have been trained at Cropredy Lawn since my Dad and Mum moved here in 1956. Gradually the 200 acres have gently been transformed from mostly agricultural use towards a growing equine facility. My father died in 1995 and since then our aim has been to invest and improve the facities in any way we could afford, in order to train horses better and better.

We are very lucky to train on a farm as that means the horses never have to venture out onto the roads, which nowadays are so busy and poorly maintained.

The horses can go off around the farm and through the woods in a ‘string’, small groups or on their own. They can go for long hack-canters without having to go near the All-Weather gallop. This means we can supplement their ‘routine’ work with ‘variety’, whever it is required.

Facilities at Cropredy Lawn include a 6½ furlong All-Weather gallop, Equine Swimming Pool, Water-Walk, Numourous different types of ‘schooling’ fences and hurdles, loose-jumping lane, indoor school, 10 turn-out paddocks, two horsewalkers.

We are located 4 miles North of Banbury, only 10 minutes from both Junctions 11 and 12 of the M40, almost ‘slap bang’ in the middle of England. With the motorway on our doorstep, most racecourses are very easy for us to get too. This is important as it means the horses get a shorter and smoother ride and transport costs can be kept to a minimum, two very important considerations in this day and age.