Greetings from the John Radcliffe!

Two Tuesdays ago there was a fatal accident on the road directly opposite our gateway. It was a very nasty sight that made us all drive a bit slower during the days of gloomy fog.

Sadly I recognised one of the Ambulance team when they came to scrape me up the following Tuesday!

The Trainer has enjoyed riding out recently while we have been short of a good rider. It has been very interesting to get another perspective of some of the horses from on board, as well from the ground. Of course as my Father used to say, “I’m too fat and frightened” to ride them all, but it is interesting, informative and I think useful.

Having done three good canters on the currently perplexing BREATH OF BLIGHTY, we were walking happily back down the hill. My feet were frozen having been walking about earlier in the wet grass while watching the horses school, so I took them out of my pedals to wiggle them about. Half a minute later, “BOB” who is usually the most sensible and gorgeous of rides, stuck in a massive buck for no other reason than well-being I presume! I survived this but with no stirrups came back down onto the rounded pommel of the saddle with the full force of of my (over) weight. I felt the most excruciating pain between my legs and then when he bucked again, had no power in my legs to grip and stay on. I hit the ground but survived that bit fine.

The lads called Ku and Amy who swiftly came to my rescue, but I knew all along something had gone wrong in the front and back of my pelvis. A couple of hours later I got to the John Radcliffe, picturing in my mind every mile of the drive there!

After originally being told there were no fractures, they did a CT scan, re-Xrayed and found the little critters. I know have a plate six screws and a lovely view of Islip out of my window.

The best news is a can move my left leg again and a Zimmer frame has appeared, so I get start to get going again.

You’ll all be aware that the last few seasons have been testing and Acts of God like these don’t help. The team at home are coping well and may be this the catalyst for change for the better.

I just can’t wait to get out of here as we have lovely horses to look forward to. It may be too soft on Tuesday for ROBIN DEUZ POIS and the naughty Breath of Blighty but we really look forward to RHAPANDO on Friday at Kempton and also the debut of THE HIKING VIKING, possibly at Newbury on Saturday.

Yours, still trying to force a Balvenie and Soda through my intra-venous drip!!”

@PS…If you like to cheer me up, please take a look at our Horse for Sale, Fingers Crossed, he could be a very exciting project.

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