Paul Webber Racing Report – 4

The Trainer and his wife have returned from their summer holiday, a wonderful week in Bergerac. I don’t think people are particularly interested in detail of private holidays but that area of the Dordogne area is spectacular.

I will make only three recommendations:

  • Consider staying at Le Vieux Logis in Tremolat. A truly lovely hotel in a beautiful hamlet
  • Have dinner at Chez Julien in Paunat. Excellent restaurant beside the Abbaye in an idyllic setting. Tel +33 553 632108
  • Look for and drink the wines from Domaine du Bois de Pourquie, the most delicious Bergeracs.

Of course the Team at home had everything under control in our absence. With Trevor, Suzanne and Jerry also away for a few days during our holiday, Danny Pebody has held the fort and dealt well with all the usual hassles of a racing yard. He and Brogan have got on well with the ‘breaking’ of the two horses from Doncaster sales. Brogan has sat on both of them, just walking and trotting on a lead around the indoor school and that patience will show its benefit as the horses learn and pick up the tempo each day. Both horses are showing good temperaments and look athletic.

‘Charlie’ (3.g. Winged Love)

‘Eurkash’ (3.g. Irish Wells)

Martin Archer has the steam cleaning under control, a vital but pretty dull part of stable life for which he deserves so much praise for his dedication. Dionne and Mitch are lead painters of the stables and are already over-qualified to touch up The Sistene Chapel!

A lovely new recruit arrived from Ireland a couple of weeks ago in the form of Circuit Court. Iain Watters has bought him from Willie Codd through the advice of Ross Doyle. This horse won his last point-to-point having finished second in his previous two starts. He seems to have an excellent mind and has cantered very nicely before being turned away for his summer holiday.

Circuit Court
Circuit Court meets his new owner Iain Watters

There are now 21 horses turned out in the fields here at Cropredy Lawn and let us hope that they all enjoy their holidays. The grass is still good but we still supplement them with a good bowl of low-protein feed every day to insure that they don’t just gorge themselves on the grass. The horseflies are just beginning to arrive and irritate them a little, but they cope better with these pests than humans!

We will have no runners until the end of next week. New Agenda’s tracheal wash was slightly cloudy and the white cell count a little higher than ideal so he will wait for 3-4 weeks. There is no hurry with him as there are plenty of novice hurdles coming along or we may run him on the flat. Tinadro, Copperfacejack and Turkey Creek could all go to Market Rasen on 23rd June and Kerrera is aiming to continue her likely progress at Leicester on 27th June.

Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek with Beth Sparrowhawk

You will all be familiar with “Man On The Spot” the racing tipster, well here is a new feature, “Man On The Spotify”. Each Report will have a tip for a piece of my favourite music for you to listen to, a sort Desert Island Discs without the seagulls.

This week: ”Country Feedback” – R.E.M. with guest Neil Young (album ‘The Bridge School Concert, 25th anniversary).

Trainer (and Peaches) training in trainers!

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